City For All! Conference

Free Field Trips and Masterclass


Field Visit #1. World Vision Cambodia: Sammaki 4 Urban Hub, Phnom Penh

When: 13:15 – 16:15, Friday 30 November Where: Buses departs from CKCC venue

World Vision will take participants to Sammaki 4 Urban Hub in Phnom Penh, a World Vision Urban Initiative to provide vulnerable children from urban poor communities child friendly spaces, promote community engagement and ownership, and ensure adequate nutrition, sanitation and child protection.


Field Visit #2. Space for Architecture / Khmer Architecture Tours: Conservation as Green Planning, a tour of Central Phnom Penh

When: 13:15 – 16:15, Friday 30 November Where: Buses departs from CKCC venue

Space for Architecture Tours and Khmer Architecture Tours – Phnom Penh’s leading heritage and conservation group – will take participants on a heritage tour of central Phnom Penh. Not only will participants discover buildings of high historic and conservational value, but also understand the environmental benefits of preservation and conservation – ‘’The Greenest Building Is… One That Is Already Built.”


Field Visit #3. People in Need: Drone demonstration for mapping Urban Poor Communities

When: 13:15 – 16:15, Friday 30 November Where: Buses departs from CKCC venue

Mapping and enumeration are important mechanisms to engage and empower urban poor communities on land, housing, and infrastructure issues. Mapping involves creating GIS maps of urban poor settlements’ external boundaries and household boundaries. Learn how People in Need, along with project partners, have used SenseFly eBee drones and eMotion 3 software to take and create high quality aerial images for the City for All! – Human Rights Based Spatial Planning II – Project.


Masterclass #1. Adobe Earth Bricks making with The Room Design Studio

When: 13:15 – 16:15, Friday 30 November Where: Seminar Room D, CKCC venue

Earth building workshops draw attention for architectural, design and engineering professionals of the potential of using earth in the construction industry. How can we make use of the soil that we have under our feet? How diverse the different types of soils are? What can we build with earth and how? Participants will have a hands-on chance to experience how to make and apply adobe earth bricks.

The Masterclass will be facilitated by Kasia Janas.

About Kasia Janas
Kasia Janas is an architect and designer from Poland and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. She currently works for The Room Design Studio based in Phnom Penh. Her architectural interests include the use of locally available natural resources as cost-effective, ecologically-friendly, sustainable alternatives for the norms used in today’s contemporary architecture. Kasia is engaged on in areas concerning urban poor, and most recently was engaged with People in Need’s City for All! – Humans Rights Based Spatial Planning II (HRBSPII) – Project working on onsite redevelopment projects within vulnerable and hazard-prone communities in Phnom Penh.

Free City for All! Networking Evening

With The Room Design Studio and Nickie M. Lam Photography

When: 18:30 – 20:30, Friday 30 November Where: FCC The Mansion, No. 3 Sothearos Blvd.

Taking place in the historic setting of the FCC Mansion, the City for All! Networking Evening will showcase the designs of Cambodian architecture and design practice The Room Design Studio (TRDS). TRDS will display their designs for the UNDP – PPSEZ Affordable Design Challenge that took place in 2018 for which they were awarded an Honorable Mention.


In Life by the Water – A Portrait of the City for All! Communities in Phnom Penh, Nickie M. Lam will bring to life the communities engaged in People in Need’s City for All! project through a series of photographs of the communities and project activities.